The best of the best

John: "This opener eats crown caps for dinner"
Andrea: "This is the best and nicest opener i have ever used in my life"
Walter: "This is a piece of jewelry"
Nathan: "Why did i not find this opener earlier?"
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Thousands year old techiques

Yes we use a thousand year old Blacksmithing technique to create our products. And let me tell you, we are proud on every technique and material we use. Every opener has it's own unique look and we are proud to create yours!

Every heared of the cool guy Archimedes? Or Pappus of Alexandria? Or even the old egyptians? Yup they all used the lever principle that is used by this opener! No i dont think they used the lever principle to open a soda or a beer with a crown cork. But they use it to lift heavy stones or build buildings and piramides. So in a way this millennial old technique invented by cool old guys, gives you the solution for opening your bottle!