I'm a blacksmith based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Forging is my life, art is my passion!

As long as i can remember i have had a intrest in fire and later in my life art was added to the list. After finishing ART school with a Teachers degree in 2012 i started with blacksmithing as a Hobby.

In 2013 Juul Baltussen teached me more about Blacksmithing. And from that moment on, I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started taking steps in the right direction and learned a lot about Blacksmithing in my spare time. In 2017 i decided to start my own farriery and started giving workshops and selling my blacksmith products!

Earlier Art Projects

2012 - Cobra Museum - Documentaire: Henk Pijnenburg

The Art collector Henk Pijnenburg is fascinated by art. He and his wife are Art collectors for almost there entire life. They have a collection including early Graffiti, a collection from artists like Aaron van Erp and really enjoys Cobra en childrens Art. They passion this man has for his art is amazing! The documantairy was displayed in the Cobra Museum for about four weeks in 2012. Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/35437605

2012 - Krabbedans Eindhoven - collaboration StudioWoest

In colaberation with StudioWoest we've have created something that would remain in a apocalyptic world. A machine that always does the same. It keeps running in circles and never stops. Everyday looks and feels the same, but wait, what if a little sunshine falls trough the glass mountain of this Mastodon? Something beautiful is created, not 100% made by us, not 100% by nature, but by the "Remainz".

2011 - Dutch Design Week - Blackbox

Fashion is not my thing, but i was asked to create a room to display Fashion/Art video's i asked myself "How could i make the viewer into the model?" I designed and later made catwalk boxes wich worked as followed: when nobody was on the boxed, no video was displayed. When somebody wanted to see the video, they need to stand on the box and the video started to play. The television screens gave light, and because the room was completely dark and black the "models" where lighted out in the perfect way. One of my most succesfull projects!

2010 - Theaterfestival boulevard

Theaterfestival boulevard asked me to design the fassade of one of the theater stages. When you pass by a field of trees in a train, I was always fascinated that you could look trough lines of trees for a split second. I used the idea for the fassade and combined it with slices of Jheronimus Bosch.


Exploring new shapes with Photography, by photographing i teach myself to look better.